Zodiac Casino Full Terms & Conditions

On this page, you can read and learn the agreement, rules of use, terms and condition of the Zodiac Casino site, its service and solutions provided. We urge you to observe the Materials before using the site and the software of the casino operator. Just because you signify the agreement with the T&C’s at the moment you begin to use the gambling house and/or its products, no matter if you’ve read the T&Cs or not.

1. Zodiac General T&Cs

1.1. Zodiac Casino allows you to get a single copy of the Website Terms of Use Agreement for your home use only, otherwise you’ve to get the written permission.
1.2. Here the Terms and Conditions applied to all bets and monies at zodiaccasino.co.nz (the ‘website’) are established.
1.3. Being a player of the Zodiac you’re responsible for being aware of the rules and tracking changes of the agreement.
1.4. These T&Cs are regarded as fair and correct. In case you need advice about the casino service, these terms or regarding any other aspect of Zodiac Casino work, don’t hesitate to contact customer support center.
1.5. When you open a player account at Zodiac Casino, you’re interpreted to have learned and accepted the website rules, T&C defined on the page.
1.6. Get aware that using the credits from ill-gotten means is unlawful. The measures are used to avert any Money-Laundering instances. In case any criminal or suspicious activity is detected, it will be reported to the relevant authorities and regulatory bodies.
1.7. The casino operator can refuse access to the gambling house of any person without mentioning the cause. Also, the betting site is entitled to withhold any withdrawal in case they are suspected to be linked to fraudulent activity in any way.
1.8. Pay attention that such activities as transferring funds between the players’ accounts, multiple casino profiles were purchased by the common source, etc. are considered as fraudulent. Such cases will be investigated and reported.
1.9. The gambling house site haы еру authority to change, revise, delete, rewrite any point of the Materials. Zodiac casino can do that at any time without notifications.

2. Language of the Zodiac T&Cs

2.1. Zodiac Casino publishes and updates the Terms and Conditions in English. The English version is a basis and has the priority over the translations in other languages.
2.2. There is a commonly used terminology with a standard definition as:
2.2.1. ‘Casino’ means the Zodiac Casino along with all the brand’s entities.
2.2.2. ‘Player’ is a person whose name is mentioned in the registration of Zodiac account.
2.2.3. ‘Real Player’ is a kind of Zodiac player who opened a real account with mentioning banking details at the Casino.

3. About Zodiac Casino

3.1. Zodiac Casino is certified, licensed and a legal website. The operator works under the license given by the Canadian regulatory body – Kahnawake Gaming Commission.
3.2. Mark that the players’ gaming contract is Bulex Enterprises Limited and GOITSC Limited in Cyprus. The processing of all monetary transactions as deposits and withdrawals are performed exclusively by the bodies and in the name of them, if we don’t imply it differently.

4. Participation

4.1. Users who are of the legal age only can register at Zodiac Casino. Therefore, customers are to be over 18 years old and 21 in some jurisdictions. Otherwise, the Zodiac Casino can withhold any funds no matter if it’s a deposit, payout, promo, free monies, refund, etc.
4.2. The gambling house can ask you to share some valid documents and/or bills to verify your identity and/or check your age at any moment.
4.3. Zodiac Casino isn’t responsible for your gaming activity, including the aspect of the legality of online gambling in the jurisdiction/state/country/location. Even in case there is an access to the source, nobody is permitted to go beyond the laws.
4.4. You’re liable for the breaking of any laws (federal, national, local, state, etc.) and regulations with online gaming. In case your activity at the casino contravenes your local jurisdiction, the gambling house can withhold any funds.

5. Zodiac Player’s Account

5.1. Customers are required to provide only accurate/valid/complete personal details in any aspect upon the registration. All information given can be requested for confirmation/verification by the Zodiac at any time. If invalid/incorrect/inaccurate data is cognized, the can close the profile with all the credits confiscated/refunded.
5.2. You’re able to create and further operate a single Zodiac profile. Iа it happens that the casino identifies a Player with more than 1 account, the service will suspect the profiles until the verification is passed and the balances have been checked not to have claimed for Sign Up Bonus Codes multiple times. Once finalized, a single active profile will be left with all others terminated by Zodiac.
5.3. Keep your private details provided upon registration up to date. In case you’re going to change any out of the row email, home address, phone number, etc. then you’re asked to notify the Support Center.
5.4. You’re allowed to create a password. Keep it secret and confidential. Don’t share it with anyone. If the login/username and password are matched and correct, all the further actions through the account will be deemed valid. Thus, it’s your safety only.
5.5. After the registration, check the inbox with the address mentioned in the entry form to get an email with a special link for profile activation. You must follow that link, otherwise, all the activities will be suspended until the personal details are justified. Please, refer to the Support Center in case you have previously unsubscribed any gambling house that belongs to the Casino Rewards Group.
5.6. Only one Player, family, email, phone number, household address, credit/debit card, shared/personal computer, etc. are eligible for bonus offers. Zodiac Casino can withdraw the availability of any promo as well as all bonuses to any customer or group of users.
5.7. Casino customers are liable for any losses/damages that occur while using the service or its content; including but not limited to shortage or delays in transmission/operation/work, any errors and/or omissions in the site content, mutilation or loss of data, failure of connection/lines/communication, any misuse of the service and/or its products. We’ve got the right to suspend/close any Zodiac Casino account.
5.8. The service won’t its relationship with the customer by any unauthorized activity on the user’s PC system.
5.9. Player Account Dormancy
5.9.1. The profile will be ranked as dormant, in case no activity was detected within 60 days.
5.9.2. Where it happens, to eliminate the risk of despoliation and/or theft of credits, the service will remove any funds remained on the balance for safekeeping. A Player can return the funds to the casino account upon request and after providing the right answers to a few quick security identification questions.
5.10. Inter-Account Transfers: players are strictly forbidden to transfer any funds between individual profiles.
5.11. Account Suspension and/or Closure
5.11.1. Any customer’s profile at Zodiac Casino can be suspended and/or closed at the casino’s sole discretion.
5.11.2. The termination of the Zodiac Casino account can be a result of any unauthorized use of the profile.
5.12. In case you wish to close your player profile at Zodiac Casino, you need to contact Customer Support.

6. Payment Details and Withdrawals Aspect

6.1. Note that Zodiac Casino can suspend the Player’s profile and prevent any further activity on the financial account, CC, e-wallet if the name used doesn’t match the registered one at Zodiac profile. That’s until the casino gets the confirmation that the card/ewallet/account holder granted the appropriate allowance for using the CC/ewallet/financial account. If 3D Secure authentication was used for the monetary transaction to be successfully processed, such admission of the holder will be assumed. If appropriate holder authorization isn’t received before depositing, then all the winnings will be voided.
6.2. CC/e-wallet/financial account holder is responsible for retaining copies of transactions, the service rules and policies.
6.3. It’s not the responsibility of the casino, but the cardholder’s one, to be aware of the online gambling laws in the jurisdiction/location/country of domicile.
6.4. Mind that in case you use cheque or bank wire to cash out funds, then such withdrawals will be payable to the name you mentioned upon the registration. In case you use a debit/credit card for depositing, then names in profile and on the card are to match.
6.5. You’re allowed to add or update any payment details through the Zodiac software or by referring to the customer support services.
6.6. You’re to activate only 1 (one) POMP (Preferred Method Of Payment) at any point in time.
6.7. Keep in mind that any withdrawals are subject to the fees mentioned under the banking section.
6.8. By virtue of online gaming regulations and requirements by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force), as well as e-commerce, a security review can be conducted by the service, and the casino can ask you to provide KYC documentation and other security documents to identify your person and maintain the high levels of users protection and security. However, if you fail to comply with such security requests, any winnings on your account can be voided by the online casino, plus the service can restrict further activity like depositing and withdrawing and/or lock/close the profile.

7. Procedure of Authorization

7.1. Because of the need of Zodiac website to be certified by a registered Notary, your identification documents following monetary transactions like deposits and/or before withdrawals can be required by Zodiac, including without limitations:
1. Copy/scan/photo of the card with your name clearly visible or evidence that the banking option was used for the deposit;
2. Photo/scan/copy of ID with your photo (Passport, government-issued identity card, Driver’s License);
3. Bank checks or utility bills, documents to confirm your residence, no older than 3 months.
7.2. You’re to use the same banking option for purchasing and withdrawals. Keep in mind the timing, because of the cashing out will last longer due to KYC procedures and identity verification process.

8. Bots/Illegal Software Use at Zodiac

8.1. It is illegal and unlawful to use/abuse any malicious software and/or bugs in any of the gaming products provided by Zodiac. If you have found and/or detect any bug in the platform of the casino, please inform the service immediately.
8.2. The website will lock/close the profile, freeze the balance with all monies, carry eventually legal proceedings in case the use/abuse of bugs/malicious software is detected.
8.3. Remember that the casino strictly forbids the use of malicious programs to modify/influence/change the outcome of any game in Zodiac casino. All monies gained utilizing the software will be confiscated.
8.4. The winnings got by using a Virtual Machine will be also deducted because such a case is considered as a deliberate attempt to influence/change/manipulate the gameplay and/or deceive the website.

9. Interruptions in Gaming Session/Play

9.1. The operator isn’t liable for any troubles connected with server downtime/disruptions/lagging as well as any technical and/or political contravention according to the gaming activity. If it results in the loss of credits, the casino will refund only solely at the own and management discretion.
9.2. Only player accepts liability for losses/damages that take place because of connection disruption with Zodiac casino and/or its content, including but not limited to lack/loss/corruption of data, interruptions and/or delays in transmission/operation, misuse of the service, errors, omissions in the content, etc.
9.3. Upon incurrence of failures/errors of the system/connection belonging to the RNG, staking or any other part of gaming action, Zodiac accepts no liability and has the right to void all bets under the circumstances.
9.4. In the case of Zodiac system failure action, all wagers will be removed.
9.5. In the event of an incorrect odd, line, handicap taken a bet, etc. was a result of the obvious error or system failure, they will be void and null.
9.6. Mind that Zodiac casino has the right to limit or even refuse any wagers for any reason. If it happens that bets are void at the operator’s discretion, the sum will be returned to the account. The wagers are considered to be valid in case they are accepted by the casino server and/or subject to the Materials and Agreement. All the info here is an invitation to play only until acceptance. Fouling results in pays and plays are void.
9.7. Consider the fact that the winnings can be void by Zodiac Casino in case they were gained because of malfunction or error/mistake of hardware/software. It’s a reason for a player’s account is locked with all deposits and/or earnings confiscated. Thus, if any fouling of the website/content/system occurs, all wagers are void.

10. Availability of Bonuses and Offers

10.1. Pay attention that all bonuses and promotions of Zodiac casino are regulated by the bonus account T&Cs as well as General Promotion Terms and Conditions.
10.2. Each and every bonus awarded is appropriate for recreational customers. Note that Zodiac has the right to limit and refuse the eligibility of the users/clients in participating in the promos.

11. Gathering of Winnings

11.1. All winnings gained during the gameplay at Zodiac are added to the cleared balance of your account in the selected currency. When it comes to withdrawing, you’re to select the amount of credits you wish to cash-out.
11.2. There is a limitation to the minimum sum you can withdraw. Thus, you can cash-out no less than €50 for regular players, €100 for residents of Switzerland and €300 for the transactions made via DBT excluding the fees (the size of charges are mentioned under Zodiac banking and withdrawing terms). In case you have any questions about the collections of winnings at Zodiac casino, then just email the help center.

12. Zodiac Casino Responsible Gaming and Gambling

12.1. Though online gaming alongside gambling is supposed to be fun and a form of leisure, it can become addictive. Zodiac casino promotes responsible gaming by providing the next features/options to use:
12.1.1. You can block/suspend your account upon request.
12.1.2. Zodiac shares the links and contacts of various Support Center Representatives.
12.1.3. Freezing account for different periods from 24 hours to 6 weeks.
12.1.4. Stop gambling with an activating self-exclusion period of 6 months.
12.1.5. Feel free to set deposit limits not to overshoot the budget.
12.2.4. Links and referrals to the organizations that provide professional help to problem gamblers. More info about this and other aspects can be found on our Responsible Gambling Policy page.

13. Support, Disputes and Complaints

13.1. You’re free to refer to the Casino Support in case you have any difficulties/questions, the center is available at any time.
13.2. Contact the Support in case any claim/dispute occurs regarding past/current transactions. The arbiter, such as IBAS, will be involved in the dispute can’t be settled by us. The decision will be final in such a case.

14. Financial Institution

14.1. Mind that the site isn’t a financial institution. Therefore, any deposits you made are not due to any interest payments on the purchase(s) whatsoever.
14.2. No advice regarding tax, legal matters or any other aspect of a kind is provided by the casino to Account Holders.
14.3. In case you need such info and/or advice considering tax and/or legal matters, you’re to refer to the relevant authorities, appropriate advisors in the location/country/jurisdiction you reside in and/or domiciled.
14.4. You and other players with real accounts are prohibited from using Zodiac, its products, systems, and software for money laundering or facilitating arbitrage employing Currency Exchange monetary transactions. In case such an activity is detected and/or account holder is suspected in utilizing the service for financial gain, any earnings will be forfeited and debited player’s account with the amount without warning or notification.
14.5. Zodiac Casino doesn’t levy you for depositing via credit/debit card when you purchase the account. However, you’d get ready that the payment system and/or credit/debit card issuer can charge you. The fees applied are mentioned in the rules of use and are not typical for most of Zodiac clients. However, in the case of your incurring such charges you agree with the statement that the online operator isn’t liable to you for these fees.

Sign Up Offer Terms and Conditions

This part of the Casino Terms and Conditions is a must to be read to be aware of the rules of use of the bonus promotions provided to all new real players of Zodiac Casino. Read the materials before accepting the welcome bonuses to know about the restrictions, wagering, timeframes and other limitations applied to bear in mind. Just because you accept and agree with the Bonus T&Cs by accepting any offer.

Deposit Bonus Promotion

1. You must register a REAL account to be eligible for the bonus offer of Zodiac Casino.
2. If you accept the bonus, then the casino will credit all the promo monies to your player account registered.
3. Attention, each purchase you make is considered as a single and separate deposit for the purpose of the bonus promotion. Bear in mind that the total of successive inputs can’t fulfill the sign-up offer requirements, because each deposit is recognized individually. It is against the background that your very first 5 (five) separate investments will only settle the total and individual bonus amounts assigned for the purpose of the bonus.
4. Zodiac Casino will reward you with 80 chances to become an instant millionaire straight after you make your very first deposit and it will look like a €20 promo and will be added to the bonus balance. This promo may be used to place 80 (eighty) bets of €0.25 on the progressive jackpot slot games. The minimum required sum for the first deposit to be eligible for the promo is €1.
5. Your Zodiac player account is implied of 2 (two) balances – cash and bonus amounts. The casino allows you to withdraw the cash component of your balance at any time for the first and second deposit, but in such a case any remaining promo credits in the bonus balance will be forfeited. If you made a third deposit, then it’s to be cashed in and you’re to provide any min bet requirements associated with redeemed promotions have been satisfied.
6. The first two bonuses (1st deposit bonus and 2nd deposit bonus) are subject to a 200 times play-through prior to the bonus balance will be converted to the money and transferred to the cash component of your account balance, and you’re allowed to withdraw these funds.
7. Consecutive promotional amounts credited by Zodiac to your bonus balance, which are following after the third deposit, will be subject to a 30x (times) wagering requirement prior they may be cashed in and withdrawn.
8. Not to be confused with the bonuses and your winnings/gains transferred to the real account, you agree to meet the playthrough requirements for all the bonuses/earnings obtained as follows from the normal Zodiac Terms and Conditions as stated in the General Terms and Conditions below.