Privacy Policy of Zodiac Casino

Why Privacy Policy can change the course of your gambling? Here you’ll discover a lot of new things as a first starter and already registered gambler, as since our appearance in 2001, substantial policy changes for Zodiac better service have been made. Ahead of your play, we want all Zodiac website visitors being spotted on the page first, reading the rules, including clients’ rights you have after joining us, for your safety and security. We know that people seem more at peace when they’re in control of all processes of their data and our security verification disclosure and more. We, of course, want you to enjoy your private world of gambling and respect your wish, but we want you doing so with a glance to the legal statements below.

Personal Details We Gather

Zodiac processes all back-story associated with you as an individual. We’re likely to harvest profiling information during our customer relationship:

  • Client’s name, his/her birth date, a visitor’s address, a gender;
  • User’s email address;
  • Telephone number;
  • Customer ID.

Personal Details Processing

The harvested details of the user, we:

  • Process in full accordance with your rights as our Account Holders.
  • Harvest for a specific purpose on legal basis.
  • Keep securely.
  • Utilize for marketing after the “opt-out” principle.

Disclosing of Data

1. When we get a request to authorize your financial institution, we reveal your individual banking details. In respect to him or her, that happens on a legal basis, and upon these arrangements: the Governing Law covers the query and that’s a Governing Authority which issues the request. 2. Whenever we need to prevent a fraud detected on Zodiac site, we may actually pass your data to third parties. As for the control purpose, the AVS service suppliers, some partners get that access too. 3. Considered as reasonable – when having the safety difficulties in relation to any irregularities – your profiling items of information happens to be disclosed to relevant recipients.

Marketing Materials & CRM

And we process any given data for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), i. e. when electronically sending you a gift. If you desire to opt-out of the marketing letters subscription, access Zodiac Support Center.

Zodiac Casino Commitments

We don’t sell, even don’t give away, or otherwise share your personal/corporate backstory of unsubscribed from mailing account holders at Zodiac. We provide with the personal details we have on you under your request.

Account Information Correction

Zodiac Casino user has constant access to his/her personal information, where he or she is able to change and erase the wrong details.

Cookies & Active X

For making improvements and better operation of flash games, we use Active X and cookies components:

  • To identify and set your preferred language;
  • To analyze the traffic of Zodiac.

Verification Checks

When you become our account holder, automatically you agree to website’s verification checks. Generally, we always charge documents which confirm your identity following input or prior to a cash out execution. Particularly, when conducting any AML (anti-money laundering), or fraud investigations, sometimes we request the additional information about your source of wealth. Additionally, for the same purpose, Zodiac requests copies, and if necessary certified by a Notary, of next documents:

  • passport, driver’s license, or ID of a national card;
  • your card name, deposit option evidence;
  • a 3-month utility bill, bank statement revealing your residence.

Zodiac Casino serves people of a legal age. These are persons under 18 years and higher only. We void, forfeit any play and winning of minors, using this website for gambling. Lastly, we report to relevant authority/-ies. During verification, we operate the information about intended gambling of every player. In our turn, Zodiac Casino confidentially keeps your personal details for 5 years since a player’s account registration day till his or her profile is closed. Extension of the period is possible by a regulatory reason we must meet. We mitigate any money laundering, fraud or criminal activity by taking a Risk based method. So Zodiac freezes your account, withholds any payment, being unable to identify you. Zodiac in partnership with The Casino Rewards Group don’t endorse spam. Having clicked on the “Opt In” button or entered an email, registered real or guest users will get to Zodiac email lists. To unsubscribe, contact our Support Center. For International Users: For someone who live overseas, and feel confused about the rules, they don’t understand in some way, we provided a clarification of terms below to their Zodiac gaming experience in the act below. As the laws of safeguarding information process may differ in countries. And we may get a request from governments, courts, or law enforcement in the countries, be aware of Zodiac collecting, transferring, processing and storing your data in overseas locations. And by availing Zodiac services, you consent to the above mentioned.