Zodiac Casino Gambling Policy

Your star is setting, isn’t it? Your irresponsible gaming may turn out to be a major cause. But you might just skip the page covering responsible gaming directives first. It is easy to lose control and delve into the world of Microgaming entertainments for hours/days. We, Zodiac Casino, just want our players to be happy and conscious about the knock-on effects of such a behavior. So we decided to share an inspirational message with our customers in this review, in which we open up about “responsible gambling when betting for cash does not mean ruin your life”.

Responsible Gambling Rules

We were blessed with individual truths, stories and practice which giving us energy and an idea of the conditions which will provide a conscious gambling activity to their executive. You know, all came down to the 6 rules:

  • Always stay within a budget.
  • Do not cover for losses.
  • Have daily and weekly limits.
  • Spend no more than 10%-15% of the time at Zodiac.
  • Take recesses.
  • Know when to stop.

Zodiac Player Rights

Zodiac feels like responsible gambling deserves recognition on the part of our clients, especially in this environment where most people don’t even concern themselves with their rights. Our customers apparently become very emotional while playing at a casino and were detected overspending a budget. We’d like to explain once again that you have rights to set your account limits prior to starting a session when nothing can stop you from getting more of thrills. So regardless of whether or not the user has the problem with the activity, one thing is evident: you have to be on the know of the next 3 rights.


Since one can’t stop losing money and feel depressed and upset, Zodiac offers to cool off their accounts for some period. People who are truly obsessed with gaming can’t think straight. We offer to disengage yourself from playing for some time. You choose the period by yourself. As focusing too much on this activity, one may come the wrong conclusion that gaming is a bad thing or your enemy. So our players are grateful for 4, 6 week freeze periods we give our clients at their wish. We want you to enjoy your time at Zodiac, if you are ready to come back earlier – 24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week, 2 and 3 weeks – you’re welcome.

Deposit Limit

Of course, you may try to stay strong but when the game starts to suck you down that means your spending isn’t under your control anymore. That’s why, we recommend to avail of the next option when you determine an amount of your deposit upper figure. Another tip! Do not do it at the moment of a play.

One may increase or decrease their Daily, Weekly and Monthly limits usually set by default. For that, you just need to ask our operator from Zodiac Support group. Within a day all changes will be active. If you express your wish to return settings, again you should put us on notice.

Minor Limitation

If you are only on your way to becoming an adult, we wouldn’t let you use our software. We serve players at the age of 18 or older and keeping only to the responsible playing policy we follow. For the selected group of players, our service is unavailable till they attain years of their discretion. And that also works toward accountable gaming.

Zodiac Support & Care

For those of you not knowing about his or her gambling scene, apparently you should pass the Self Assessment Test to become gambling aware, so you can take measures. And if your drama doesn’t end there, we claim you to check in with Gamblers Anonymous where you can get a real help.

One may take an opinion whether he/she is addicted to gambling direct through National Problem Gambling Helpline.

Feel right to go on the website called IGC where you’ll receive the needed protection as well.